About Organization

Jalandhar Development Authority (JDA) came into existence on 16th July, 2007 vide Punjab Government Notification No.13/31/04-1HG2/5370. It was created with the main objective of developing the areas under Jalandhar jurisdictions in planned manner and in consonance with the existing growth of the town. The Authority has been created with a purpose to structure, design and organize the Commercial/ Industrial/ Financial/ Educational/Print Media and Sports hub of Punjab. Falling in affluent Doaba region, Jalandhar Development Authority aims to strive at catering to the aspiration of the N.R.I. cluster also.

The initial area of JDA with 254 villages and 6 Urban Local Bodies was supplemented by adding 18 more villages vide Punjab Government Notification(Corrigendum) No.12/9/07-4HG1/2026 dated 16-07-2009 & later on vide Punjab Govt. Notification No.13/105/07-6HG2/2515 dated 24-08-2010, the jurisdiction of JDA was extended to the areas of three revenue districts viz: Jalandhar (except Tehsil Phillaur), Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur. The broad scope of work of this authority falls outside the limits Municipal Corporations, Municipal Committees and Nagar Panchayats in these districts.

JDA is composed of experts from several fields (Architects, Town Planners, Engineers, Education Establishments, Real Estate & N.G.Os) to aim at the growth of existing infrastructure for optimum benefit of public in general. The Authority aims at providing facilities for residential sector, industrial requirements and institutional needs without disturbing ecological balance and agricultural area of the State in disciplined manner. The motto of the Jalandhar Development Authority is “The public needs with utmost sense of professionalism”.

To provide houses/plots to the public in general at affordable prices, efforts are afoot to formulate schemes and establishments of new urban estates at different locations in the jurisdiction of JDA under the “Land Pooling Policy” and “Land Owners Become Partners in Development (80:20 Scheme)” of the State Govt. notified vide No. 6/23/13-6Hg1/1440 dated 19-06-2013.

To check the growth of unauthorized colonization and haphazard constructions in unplanned manner, the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995, the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act, 1995 and the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2014 and Rules and Policies made there under are being implemented. To bring the growth under the umbrella of planned development, the Master Plans of the cities Jalandhar, Nakodar, Bhogpur, Hoshiarpur, Mukerian, Kapurthala & Sultanpur Lodhi, have been got notified after ensuring the public involvement and the draft Master Plans of the remaining cities of Dasua, Tanda, Garhshankar, Sham Chaurasi, Mahilpur & Dhilwan under the jurisdiction of JDA have been got prepared and expected to be notified shortly.