Permission for Change of Land use


(A) Checklist of documents for obtaining Change of land use

  • Location map of site showing nearby features and roads to enable official staff to locate the proposed site of the colony.

  • Copy of Shajra Plan showing the site duly signed by Patwari.

  • Proof of ownership:

  • Fard Jamabandi (Not older than two months)

  • Copies of sale deeds

  • Copy of irrevocable consent (Specimen copy at Annexure-III) if the land belongs to another owner, authorizing the promoter to obtain CLU and license for the development of colony on a non judicial stamp paper.

  • Non encumbrance certificate issued by concerned Tehsildar (Sub Registrar).

  • Draft of processing fee Rs.5000/ for first acre and Rs.1000/ for every subsequent acre as per instructions issued by state govt. vide memo no.18/65/2005-6hg-2/7102 dated 14.7.2005.

(B) Office Reports required for issue of CLU

  • District Town Planner’s field report (As per the checklist appended at Annexure-IV)

  • Verification report by concerned Tehsildar (As per checklist appended at Annexure -V.

If documents are in order, demand for conversion charges at notified rates will be raised immediately.

(C) Processing time for CLU Name of activity Time taken Remarks
1 Dispatch of letter for obtaining reports Within 3 days from the receipt of application Time shall be working days and total time is subject to the receipt of reports
2. Time for submission of report of DTP 14 days from date of dispatch
3. Time for submission of report of Tehsildar 14 days from date of dispatch
4. Processing of reports and if found o.k. conveying to applicant for the deposit of CLU charges as per notification issued by govt.
Appended at Annexure –VI.
3 days from the receipt of reports
5. Issue of permission for CLU> 3 days from the deposit of charges
6. Total 23 days
  1. Time schedule is valid in case CLU is issued at local level.
  2. In case there is difference in actual area as demarcated by revenue authorities and as recorded in revenue records, then CLU will be allowed and charges be levied for actual area, though no legal rights as to ownership will accrue on account of this.